When my rifle was inspected, I was stunned! I couldn’t believe my eyes. My beautifully polished and shined rifle had somehow turned orange with rust. I recall screaming in anguish, “ARGHHHHHH! My rifle is covered with rust!” Little did I know that Sergeant Stryker had ordered the Squad Leader to pour salt and water down my rifle the night before this final inspection. The DI did not want me to graduate with his Platoon. He succeeded!

    In Casual Company, I experienced a “Blanket Party.” Thank God it wasn’t for me. They gave it to one unfortunate recruit for getting everybody else in trouble by screwing up. I don’t know if it was really him, but the higher-ups didn’t seem to like him at all. While asleep in his rack, ten guys from Casual Company threw a blanket over his head and beat the crap out of him. He didn’t know who hit him. All I could hear was the Marine under the blanket crying out in bitter pain as they mercilessly beat him unconscious.

    Then came the unwelcomed news I was expecting, “Russell! You are to report to Staging Battalion for duty to Republic of Vietnam!” I was not the only one going. Almost all the Marines who finished the training were given orders for Nam. The educated ones were given better duty assignments. They weren’t turned into “Ground Pounders” like me. I guess there is something to be said for getting a good education

    I felt the shrapnel tear through my 45-caliber holster and into my leg. I felt myself begin to go into shock! Roger asked, “Joel, are you all right, man? We got to get outta here!” Without further ado, off he headed down the mountain. I was still in shock and scared almost to death. I found myself with a big, bloody hole looking back at me on my leg. I then noticed that I was all alone on top of the mountain. Nobody left up there but me.

    Nam had forever changed me. The biggest change in me was that now I was hardened inside. I had to be this way to survive. People had been getting blown away all around me, and other guys were going insane. I kept pushing what I saw and experienced deep down inside of me. I believed with all my heart that God spared my life in response to my prayers! That He placed angels in front of me to receive the major part of the blow when the grenade should have totally blown me apart. He was making good on the deal that I made with Him. He was going to get me out of there. On December 26, 1968, I received orders to rotate back home. I hadn’t forgotten the promise I made to God earlier.

    I finished writing this book in 1997. It’s called the Book of Joel Book II. I completed my first semi-fiction book in 2009 called the Angels Under Fire. This book Reigns in the Second Coming of Jesus. I was able to finance the second coming through the World Wide Security Company that was created from that five-dollar-per-hour job. That was my schooling for the end times that are coming in the future.